Album Review: Murky


By: Ashton Carr

If you’ve yet to hear of Saint Mesa, you’ve truly been missing out. The solo artist from Mission Viejo is blowing past any and all boundaries set by the music industry and creating some of the most artistic music I’ve ever heard. He’s been hidden away for a few months, perfecting a new batch of songs, including his new single “Murky.”


This single as well as the past few releases from Saint Mesa have showcased a shift in his music, leaning further away from pop and more towards massive orchestral/percussion arrangements. Over the last year, the music that Saint Mesa has produced has seemed better fitted for a film score than a streaming service, but I think that’s exactly what consumers need right now. Music as an art form has been lost for most in recent years, and I believe that Saint Mesa could be the one to bring it back.

via Highlight Magazine

Listening to his music, you feel as though you’re being taken on a journey. There is no destination at the end of each song/EP, but instead you are left with the same feeling that arises in you as you take in the surroundings of a new place. Ambient strings start the track and mimic the still, warm air of a desert night as storm clouds flood the sky, bringing thunder in the form of percussion and vocal lightning cutting through the darkness. Strategically placed breaks in the instrumental offer the listener a breath before being thrust back into the ‘murky water’ of the track, fully enveloping you in the world Saint Mesa has created.

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