Why You Need to Attend the Mirror Master Tour

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Words by Chloe Trinka


Hey kids! Anyone sick this month? If so, you might’ve needed some cough syrup. Can anyone guess the band in question this month? No? No guesses? Alright I’ll tell you but only this once. We have gathered here today to talk about the world famous alternative pop band, Young The Giant.

With the release of their fourth full album Mirror Master, their fame has only soared to higher heights. They have been headlining their Mirror Master Tour since the end of January with fellow California band Sure Sure. This tour has been a massive success so far. People have traveled from all over to go to shows.

Just in case you aren’t familiar with Young the Giant, here’s the lowdown. Young The Giant are an alternative rock band from Irving, California. The band consists of Sameer Gadhia, Jacob Tilley, Eric Cannata, Payem Doostzadeh and Francois Comtois. The lineup has changed throughout the years, but this group has forever made a place in the hearts of indie music lovers. They have made their place in indie rock history by being around for over a decade. But let me tell you, from personal experience, they are still dancing as if they’re still 20 years young.

In case you’re looking to check them out on social media their handles are @youngthegiant, @sgadhia, @jjtills, @eric_cannata, @payamd, and @fcomtois, respectively. They are all decently active on social media so make sure to give them a follow. That’s the only way you’re going to find out all juicy details that I’m not allowed to release.

If you haven’t had a chance to catch them on this Mirror Master Tour then try to catch them at their next one! They have a tour lined up with COIN and Fitz and the Tantrums. This tour is a US exclusive tour announced thus far that is set to take place from the middle of June until the middle of August. Again all this info can be found on their lovely social media.

Let’s switch gears here for a little bit. You previously heard me speak about their opener for this tour Sure Sure. They are a wonderful group out of California as well. Kevin, Mike, Charlie and Chris were able to answer a few questions about the Mirror Master Tour for me. Here’s what they had to say!


What the Kids Want: How has this tour compared to all of the rest of your tours headlining or not ? And in addition to that have you liked the bigger crowd sizes or prefer intimate settings ?

Sure Sure: We’re playing seated theaters for the first time and that’s really cool! It’s different from a tightly packed club show but i think we like it. people seem to listen! and they get to sit.  


WTKW: Have you all enjoyed working with Young The Giant? Are they cool guys to just hang around?

SS: They are certifiably cool guys. They set up essential oil diffusers in every venue so everywhere smells delightful.


WTKW: Have you gotten a chance to watch any of YTG’s sets ? If so what is one song the crowd really seems to go wild for ?

SS: I think we’ve watched literally all their sets. “Tightrope” is an absolute jam.


WTKW: What’s your favorite city you’ve been to so far on this tour and why ?

SS: We spent several days in Asheville and it is beautiful. We hiked the Blue Ridge Mountains and explored all the cute shops.


WTKW: Has there been any inside jokes created so far this tour and if so what is one so we can be in on it too?

SS: One inside joke is we call Young the Giant “Young.” It saves so much time. Completely frees you up to learn a new language or take up pottery. The other one is during their lyric “My body tells me no” we sing “My buddy tells me yo”. We’re fun.


I then told them if they wanted to say anything to you guys, the readers that they could. Their response was: Hello. Are you drinking enough water?

So in conclusion, Young The Giant is an amazing band, Sure Sure are a group of very nice dudes and MAKE SURE TO DRINK WATER !!!!!!!

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