Interview with Coasts


Interviewed by: Ash Carr

Coasts is a five piece band formed in 2011 in Bristol, England.  The band consists of Chris Caines (vocals), Liam Willford (guitar), James Gamage (bass),  David Goulbourn (keyboard), and Ben Street (drums). They recently toured with Hunna, and made a stop in Boston where we were given the opportunity to talk to the guys about what they’ve been up to.

What The Kids Want: Tell us a little about your latest release that you’re supporting on your world tour with The Hunna?

Chris: It’s quite different to our first record, I think we had quite a lot of time to sit on our first record because it was written over the course of such a long time and had so many different influences. When we listen back to it now, it feels like we put the 10 best songs that we wanted to put out on it so it’s very hard hitting and euphoric-very in your face-where the second record has a lot more moments when it’s reserved and contemplative so it feels like a totally different record. We still feel like it has our personality in it though. I really love it. “Come On Over” is one of my favorite songs on it. It feels like a bit of a mature step up from the first record.

WTKW: Do you feel like the second record was a natural juxtaposition to the first record or did you set out to release something different as you were writing it?

Chris: We never thought too hard about what we wanted it to sound like. We just wrote the best songs that we could write, really.
James: There was no intention to change and make things completely different. Some bands do it and do it well, but-
Chris: I think it would have been too early for us to stray too far from our sound and alienate fans that we’ve already made.

WTKW: Do you feel like you’ll stray further in the future?

Chris: I imagine so!
James: It’ll only be a natural thing though.
Chris: We already have so many ideas and have things written for our third record. Who knows, maybe one day we’ll really stray and become a psych band or a jazz band.

WTKW: You’ve been touring extensively over the past few months through many countries, how do you feel touring affects the writing and recording process for new music once you get home?

Chris: Obviously you’re influenced by everything in life so us doing these intense 4 months of touring is going to impact what I personally write lyrically. We don’t have a deadline for when we need to write our third record by so it’s not like we’ve been furiously writing on tour. We’ve got a month and a half when we get back from tour and all Summer while we aren’t playing festivals where we’re going to be writing as much as possible. I think it naturally informs it. We went to Australia for the first time and it was a great experience so I’m sure that’ll make it’s way into our lyrics.

WTKW: As you mentioned, your first record was written over a long period of time and most of the songs on it had been previously released through singles and EPs. Do you feel as though you are an album centric band or is there the possibility of releasing more singles/EPs in the future?

Chris: We want to be a prolific band and release music and keep people’s attention so I feel like you have to do that nowadays with how young people are consuming music. We will always do single releases leading up to a record, but I don’t think we will be releasing 9 out of 10 songs leading up to a record again.
David: We’re releasing a song every 6 weeks at the moment as we lead up to the B-Side of the second record. It helps to keep people interested.

WTKW: It’s been quite a while since you’ve toured in the States, do you feel anything different this time around? Is there a different vibe, are you excited to bring new music? How do you feel?

Chris: We’ve been itching to get back for a long time. The last time we were here was 2 years ago so it’s been far too long. We were building up a great fanbase here but because of some nonsense we weren’t able to make it back. Hopefully it won’t be another 2 years before we come back.
James: There’s hopefully some plans to be back out later this year. It was never anyone’s intention to take this long to come back.
David: We always love it out here and have amazing fun.
Chris: Our music works very well here and we do have a good call for it but it’s all about building on that now so we have to keep coming back and playing for people.

WTKW: How has this tour been treating you?

David: It’s been amazing, I’ve really enjoyed it. It’s been cool going out with The Hunna over the last 4 months, we’ve known them for so long so it’s great to be on tour with old friends. And I feel like our music is different enough so it’s not the same thing all night.
James: We’ve been to some places that we really love and seen some familiar faces as well, which is cool to see older fans sticking around. It’s just great to go back to some old venues we’ve played as well as new ones.

WTKW: How has the writing for the 3rd record been coming along? Is it done being written or are you still in the creative process?

Chris: We’re still in the creative process but we’ve written loads and it will probably be recorded this year. As I said, we want to be prolific and keep releasing music, and we still love the album format, but we do listen to singles and playlists so we need to be apart of that.

WTKW: With the current trend of music consumption,, do you feel as though it’s affecting the music industry in a negative way or just adding another dimension to it?

James: I think it’s just adding. It’s tough because listening to more and more music is never a bad thing and being able to access it more easily is always a good thing. It just means that for people like us, we must give more music.
Chris: The main thing is people’s attention spans aren’t there. You have to keep telling people that you’re there or they will forget about you.
David: I think it’s good though. Hardcore fans will still listen to your entire record, but you’re also able to touch base with new people who may not have went out to buy your entire record through singles. Hopefully someone will hear your song on a playlist then add it to their own and so on.
James: We’ve all got Spotify and Apple Music and there are so many bands that you hear of when they release a new single and it’s now so easy to type their name in and hear the new single and make a decision then whether you like them or not. And I feel like I’m spending a lot more money on music than I did before because I used to buy maybe one album a month or go without for a month but now I’m subscribed to something so I feel like I want to listen to more music.

WTKW: Are there any goals that you want to set for yourselves before the end of this year?

James: Just to keep playing, really. The same as day one.
Chris: We just want to keep going. Keep getting better at writing and playing and grow our fanbase. It’s as simple as that. We want to be as big as we can be, obviously, and play arenas at some point, it’s just all about placing things to make it happen.

WTKW: What is one thing that you would like for fans, new and old, to hear from you or take away from Coasts as a whole?

James: Give us a chance! We’re nice guys! Come see a show! That’s something that we’ve always been happy about and proud of. Everything always sounds different live-better I think.
Chris: We write music to make people happy so if you’re happy, we’re happy. Come see a show. We pride ourselves on our live show.

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