Album Review: Sex & Food


Written by: Hibo Muse

Sex & Food is the fourth debut album released by Unknown Mortal Orchestra on April 6, 2018. It includes twelve tracks, each with a tasteful sound that ties the album together in a unique way. The album opens with a 41-second introduction piece, called “A God Called Hubris,” welcoming fans with a fun and light instrumental. Sex & Food has a combination of sounds fused together like R&B, psychedelia, and indie rock making it a genre-defying album. With lo-fi tracks like, “Not In Love We’re Just High” and contrasting strong heavy rock sound of tunes like “American Guilt” and “Major League Chemical,” this album offers songs that everyone can enjoy. “How Many Zeros” creates a nostalgic feel resonating the infamous “Multi-Love,” off UMO’s third album, Multi-Love, with its similar upbeat drumline.
Sex & Food is a perfect album for the spring and summer. It’s about enjoying your surroundings and having fun in the present with people you want to be around. It also allows you to reminisce on the past or just stare off into space, appreciating your time alone with its atmospheric vibes. The track, “Ministry of Alienation” presents a hallucinate, dreamlike flow, along with a hint of politics through lyrics like: “Amoral but not evil / sick of fake democracies.” The album allows you to think outside of the box when analyzing each lyric.
Unknown Mortal Orchestra released a few music videos for the album including the tracks, “Everyone Acts Crazy Nowadays,” “Not in Love We’re Just High,” and “American Guilt.” All music videos are animated and full of abstract images and colors to show the vibrancy behind the band’s unique mindframe. The “American Guilt” music video shows images of garbage like, food scraps, shoes and magazines throughout the entire video. In contrast, the video for “Not in Love We’re Just High” shows the hands of someone playing the piano with glistening objects around the piano. The music videos all share one thing in common: flies. The concepts of why the flies are including in the videos aren’t exactly known but it’s something that is questioned and hopefully answered in the future.
Unknown Mortal Orchestra is currently on tour with MAKENESS, an electro and post-punk artist from Canada. Try to catch a show!

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