An Interview with Castafellas

Interview by: Ana Gomez

On March 31, Hunny and Made Violent made a stop on their spring tour in Margate, Florida. Local rock-grunge band Castafellas warmed up the crowd for them, definitely gaining some new fans along the way. We chatted with Adrian (guitar, vocals), Pedro (drums), and Vinny (bass) before their set and learned a little more about this South Florida group.

What The Kids Want: So, tonight’s headliner is Hunny, who have opened for bands like Bad Suns and The Frights, plus their awesome opening band Made Violent. How did you guys get involved in this show?

Pedro: I contacted Alex, the promoter, asking for a different show. I guess we got confused, and he offered us this show by accident. Immediately we just went “holy shit”, because Made Violent is one of my favorite bands.

Adrian: We’ve all been listening to them for a few years.

Pedro: Nobody really knew them back then, but we dug their sound. We went to their show around two years ago, and Adrian got kicked out for crowdsurfing. Nobody caught him. We only got to see half their set, so this is the first time we’re really seeing them.

WTKW: So how does it feel to be a part of the show?

Pedro: Amazing! We’re basically opening up for our favorite band.

WTKW: You guys have definitely been playing a lot of other shows lately. Have you been in the studio too, or are shows the main focus?

Vinny: Yeah, we just finished studio recordings today, actually. Before the show, we went to listen to the final mixes. We’ll be releasing the single off our EP “Why Even Try” very soon.

Adrian: They need a little bit more work, but they’ll be out this spring for sure.

Pedro: The EP comes out with a total of five songs.

WTKW: So in tonight’s show, what are we gonna hear?

Pedro: You’re gonna hear the new EP, the old EP, and a cover.

Vinny: Oh yeah, an Arctic Monkeys cover.


WTKW: Have you played these new songs before? 

Adrian: Yeah, all of them! It’s been our routine.


WTKW: What’s the reception been like? What do people think about them?

Pedro: I think people dig it, for sure. I haven’t heard one bad thing. People come up to us all the time after shows and say it was dope.


WTKW: Moving away from that, I feel like you guys have sort of “stood the test of time” for a local band, you’ve been around for a while. Is there anything you feel contributed to that? 

Adrian: It’s about to be our second year together. Our “anniversary” is the beginning of the summer, we don’t exactly have a date.

Vinny: We’re really just trying to build something. We don’t really know what’s going on, but we’re always trying. We have some other friends who are in bands, and we kind of help each other out, getting gigs together and all.

Adrian: Yeah, for example, the band opening with us today, Supergold, are our good friends. We’ve toured with them.

Pedro: So it’s easy to stay in and it’s easy to keep wanting to do more because we support each other.


WTKW: As for the next few months and years, how do you see the band growing?

Pedro: I see about two months in the future, that’s as far as I can go.

Adrian: We don’t exactly do far-reach stuff!

Pedro: In two weeks we’re going on a mini tour all the way up to Orlando. So we have a bunch of shows coming up, which you can see on our Instagram.

Vinny: We’re just excited to get new content out this year, plus some videos along with that. That’s pretty much it, just keep playing shows.


WTKW: So you take things more day by day?

Vinny: Exactly.


WTKW: But in the future, what kind of venues or cities would you want to play?

Pedro: I want to go to Europe. I don’t even care if we’re playing the smallest venues, we want to go everywhere!

Adrian: At least California. We’ve been told as well by a few people that our sound would work really well there.


WTKW: So what bands would you want to tour with?

Pedro: Well, Made Violent! That’d be dope.

Adrian: Sticky Fingers, Hockey Dad for sure.

Pedro: The Australian scene is probably our favorite.

Adrian: But if you mean like a huge band, like really huge, Queens of the Stone Age would be really cool.


WTKW: Lastly, is there anything you want to say to fans or anyone else reading?

Pedro: Honestly, just stick around. That’s really all we ask. And just trust me, we’ll somehow make this work.

Adrian: We’re just doing our thing, we’re making music. If you like us, follow us, if you don’t, that’s totally fine.

Vinny: And if you know someone that may like us, you can always pass along the word!

Adrian: And lastly, local music nowadays could always use help.

Vinny: Yeah, so get involved in your music community.

Pedro: It helps everyone.

Adrian: Music’s not dead!

CASTAFELLAS: Instagram | Spotify | Twitter | Bandcamp | Facebook

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