Olivver The Kid: Annie Review



Hearing Bryan Sammis’s crooning voice sing “waiting for you when you’re ready” perfectly echoes every fan’s sentiment towards the return of Olivver The Kid. A nearly two-year-long hiatus has ushered in a new era of the project with two new singles to welcome fans back. The latest of the singles, “Annie,” was released just days ago to the eager ears of listeners.

Both “Annie” and “Bitter” carry what we’ve all loved from Olivver The Kid’s past, while also closing the car door and driving us into the new dawn of the project. Production has always been one of the strongest and most interesting points of past releases from Olivver The Kid, and that still shines strongly in these new tracks. Deceptively simple, “Annie” is a track that holds immense emotion in even it’s smallest nuances. Progression from basic chords in the verses to a rolling instrumental during the chorus, using background vocals as a sonic bridge between lines, and repetitive lyrics scream for this track to played on repeat for hours on end.

The biggest punch to the heart from the release of Annie has to be the voicemail woven into the track- an homage to Olivver The Kid’s first release, Freak. Being able to seamlessly integrate fragments of life into a song without it sounding forced or cliche can be extremely difficult, but Sammis has perfected it multiple times through past releases, and has taken this opportunity to highlight it once again.

The impact of Olivver the Kid songs in the past has always lied, within the presentation of each song/release. Whether it be in the concept and fluidity of “The Boy Who Cried Wolf,” or in the raw emotion displayed in the countless b-sides that have flowed out throughout the years Sammis has a way of bringing you in and holding your heart in his hands as the music plays on. And I am gladly handing him back everything I have with the revival of this project.

Written by: Ashton Carr


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