The Bad Bees’s “Big Pretty” is Pretty Hard to Resist


Releasing their new EP Big Pretty on October 1, 2017, The Bad Bees  continue with their mixed alternative/indie rock style. This EP could never be labeled as just one genre and is instead jam-packed with new wave beats featuring hints of progressive and experimental rock. It’s a sound that you’re sure to have never heard before. The first track “Paled by the Mood” features lead singer Jacob Barbadoro’s powerful yet dreamy vocals, accompanied by Brandon King’s talented guitar riffs, Bryan Kell’s groovy bass, and Ryan Kenny’s drums skills that will blow your mind. Feeling as if you’re experiencing a psychedelic phenomena, the final track “The Canyon” is impossible to not vibe to. Starting out in a trance, and ending with the perfect drum solo to air-play along with, you will enjoy every bit of this masterpiece. The Bad Bees collision of styles makes them unique as a band, and will surely have you hooked after the first listen.

The band also recorded a music video to go along with the lead single from the EP BooWho which you can watch here:

Track Listing:

  1. Paled by the Moon
  2. Boowho
  3. Big Pretty
  4. Karma Suits You
  5. The Canyon

THE BAD BEES: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Bandcamp | Spotify

By: Quinn Dycus / @dycus.quinn / @dycusquinn


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