Way Yes Bring Back Whimsy with New Album “Tuna Hair”

Way Yes, is an experimental group from Columbus, Ohio. With an enamoring ability to capture highly contrasting sounds and moods, their sound can be described as “tropically urban” and “simplistically complex.” This October, after four years without a formal release from the band, Way Yes released their new seven-track album, Tuna Hair. Sticking with the theme of their previous album covers, the artwork for Tuna Hair depicts a whimsical jungle scene. However, this artwork is much more turbulent than that of their past releases, with bright pastels and a peculiar woman-like figure slaying a serpent.

Though the album maintains Way Yes’s uniquely psychedelic sound, Tuna Hair seems to be more lyrically driven than their previous work. The first song on the album is “Dead Ringer,” a melodic tune that is reminiscent of 80s synth with its vibrant sounds and captivating riffs. The next track on the album, “Ring the Bell,” is my personal favorite. This bass-heavy track features a cyclic guitar pattern, which creates a rhythmic base for the song’s soothing vocals. “Get Dead,” is one of the most whimsical songs on the record. With layered vocals and a sonorous chord progression, the song increases in complexity. “Get Dead” is followed by “I Can Relate,” an upbeat track with noticeable alternative pop influence. The next track, “Ready to Die,” showcases Way Yes’s signature tropical percussion and quirky vocals. “Ideally” is one of the most mellow and ambient on the album. The song builds in intensity, as strong percussion is sporadically incorporated into the warm melody. The final track on the album, “Good Old Days,” effectively summarizes the album. Like some of the earlier tracks, “Good Old Days” is cyclical and melodic, with complex layering and repetition.

With this album, Way Yes builds upon their previous work, further developing their unique sound and establishing themselves as a respectable force in the experimental alt/pop world. I look forward to witnessing their exciting journey as they reestablish their place in the music industry, and I expect that we will see increased success for Way Yes in the future.

By: Katherine Gordon

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