Artist Spotlight: Half Alive


Hailing from Long Beach, California, Half Alive (stylized as half•alive), is a rising star in the pop-rock music scene. With a sound that has been likened to that of contemporary trendsetters such as Twenty One  Pilots and The Neighbourhood, Half Alive hit their stride in 2016 with the release of their debut EP, 3 Consisting of three songs, “The Fall,” “Aawake at Night,” and “Tip Toes,” this collection is dangerously catchy and possesses a certain edge that makes listeners hungry for more. Fans were delighted as the band recently released not only a stunning music video, but news of a new third member joining the Half Alive family. J Tyler Johnson (bass) is a wonderful addition to Brett Kramer (drums) and Josh Taylor (guitar/vocals) and perfectly rounds off the talent packed trio.
Released November 6, Half Alive’s music video for “Aawake at Night” is the epitome of a perfectly executed modern aesthetic. The frenzy of lights and Taylor’s energetic dance pair up nicely with the dramatic flair of the song. The contrast of intense emotion and sound with bits of eerie stillness and dark reflection create a dichotomy that is completely entrancing. Taylor’s acting prowess is also put on full display as he portrays the difficulty of fighting one’s inner demons and personifies the feelings of anxiety, restlessness, and suffering that come from being trapped in one’s own mind.

Continuing with this theme, the video itself also echoes the sense of being trapped. Mixed into it are short clips of the band performing in a small shipping container. The container seems to represent the mind as Taylor dances almost frantically within. His actions are strategically mirrored by another image of himself taking a night-time drive. This depiction appears to represent physical “reality” and provides not only means of contrast but connection between Taylor’s two states of being. As he swerves into a deserted parking garage and appears to break down mentally, the image flashes back to him crashing against the container. With this scene, it is almost as if Taylor’s mind is being battered by the intensity of his emotions. At this point, his tangible existence seems to meet his mental struggle and it becomes less clear whether it is his mind or his body that has taken over control.

While Half Alive is still growing as a band, they have proven once again that they are easily capable of producing high caliber work that perfectly combines adrenaline-inducing action and electric sound that will no doubt keep fans coming back for more.

By: Jessica Nakamoto

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