Future Teens Release a Standout Debut with “Hard Feelings”


The up-and-coming rockers, Future Teens, have flown under the radar for the most part,  but as of late their debut full-length album, Hard Feelings, has gained noticeable momentum. It wouldn’t be surprising to see them garner a wider following in the coming weeks. Released back in September, the 35-minute anthemic ode to growing up and growing old incorporates a few singles and tracks off of their 2016 EP Still Afraid of Allston, as well as a number of never before heard songs. Fans of both moody pop-punk bands like Modern Baseball as well as more rough-edged alternative rock like Catfish and the Bottlemen offer, can each find something to love about Future Teens. Any music aficionado should keep an eye on what could possibly be the next big alternative album. 

Hard Feelings is an even mix of tongue-in-cheek wit, nostalgia, and melancholy. Tracks like “Sleep Schedule” and “In Love Or Whatever” walk the fine line between emotional severity and light-heartedness, while “DTFL” falls among the former and “Girlfriend on a Gap Year” sides firmly with the latter. “Giving Up On Crushes,” the penultimate song, is among the album’s most introspective, and admits to a certain vulnerability that makes the rest of the album that much more believable. It’s a dedication to love and loss, and helps bring Hard Feelings back down from the invincible comedic apathy prevalent in its most upbeat numbers. Lines like “I don’t want to know what love is / yeah I’m giving up on crushes” are movingly emotional, and a true homage to what it’s like to fall out of a romantic ideal. On its own, the track is already beautifully stirring, but within the context of the album, only amplifies the complexity that helps make Hard Feelings so noteworthy.

The band’s ability to juxtapose these extremes personifies what life is all about – balancing the emotional toll of it all while maintaining the ability to laugh it off. Future Teens have really created a work that resonates with listeners and lets them escape the intensity of it all and feel carefree for the half hour the album lasts. With so much new music trying to fit an unachievable idea or mold, the dedication to cathartic, everyday rock is what makes Future Teens truly stand out.

Be sure to give Hard Feelings a listen over on https://open.spotify.com/embed/album/6RENEFIw4RrDY1Mwip45o7“>Spotify or other listening platforms!

Written by: Molly McCaul

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