Home is a COIN Show: COIN in Charlottesville

DSC_1130 (1)

Ever since mid-July, I had waited for this day, the first leg of COIN’s fall tour. The day seemed to fly by as the hours dwindled down to minutes. The Charlottesville crowd was small at first but grew as the first act, a local Richmond band names Mantree, played. The band’s songs started out slow and finished strong, as frontman Jack Mayock progressively came out of his shell. Noma Illmensee, the bassist, really stole the show. His stage presence and exaggerated dancing had the whole crowd smiling and laughing. Manatree, although a slightly different sound than previous openers, was a welcomed change.

The crew set up the stage for COIN, the setlists were taped at the back of the stage away from prying eyes. The techs pulled down a black tarp to reveal the new lighting for the tour: the smiley face with a tear running down its cheek seen on their social media.

When COIN emerged, the whole crowd intensified as the band opened with “Hannah”. Although very moderate tempo in the studio version, “Hannah” had the whole venue bopping. The new setlist brought in more of their newest album including my personal favorite, “Heart Eyes.” As “Heart Eyes” started, Chase looked down at me recording and mouthed, “Are you getting this?” Fan favorites “Run” and “It’s a Trap” were removed from the set list but I personally didn’t mind. As the show went on, I realized how much I had missed this electricity and feeling so alive if only for an hour. As soon as the first note of “Fingers Crossed” was played, I started to record because I knew it would be special. Halfway through, Chase jumped down into the crowd and was dancing and singing with us. As he climbed back onstage, he laid face up, right in front of me and my friends, ending the show on the floor. The crowd chanted for a few minutes begging for an encore that never came.

After the show, only a small handful of people waited outside the venue to meet the boys. Although it had only been 2 weeks since I had seen them last, I was so happy to see them again. Chase, Ryan, and Joe all came out to meet the fans. Once they left, the crowd of fans dissipated and I headed back to the airport. Overall, the show was incredibly beautiful and one of my favorites. COIN gave their all on that stage and the crowd gave it right back to them. This band has this incredible knack for making every show special, because a COIN show truly feels like home.


Written by: Savannah Rico

Photographed by: Samantha Schraub (photographs taken on 9/29 in Northampton, MA)

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