MGMT is Back with “Little Dark Age”

little dark age

Let’s rewind to January 2016. MGMT tweeted that this would be the year they “redominated our mind holes” after being fairly absent since the release of their self-titled album MGMT in 2013. 2016 came and went, and there was no trace of MGMT. They then notified the world that 2017 would actually be the year of their return. Just as promised, and in time for the Halloween spirit, they have finally “redominated our mind holes” with a spooky video for the title track off their upcoming album Little Dark Age.

MGMT has never been a stranger to the weird and different, and “Little Dark Age” is no exception. The video features gothic imagery, vape clouds, and a little fruit ninja-esque action. While they have never claimed a completely consistent sound, changing it up from album to album, the song is so them. While it still sounds different from anything they’ve done before, it’s still recognizable. It comes with heavy synths, cryptic lyrics, and a more dancey tune, perhaps somewhat reminiscent of Oracular Spectacular blended in with 80s new wave rock. In what felt like a dark age without MGMT, “Little Dark Age” is a ray of light.

MGMT’s fourth album Little Dark Age is set for an early 2018 release. Be sure to listen to “Little Dark Age” on Spotify.

By: Emma Mazza

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