LANY Slaps in Fort Lauderdale

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On October 3rd,
 in Fort Lauderdale, the LANY Tour made its second stop in Florida. Fans who had lined up for hours before the show were not deterred by the rain, or even the occasional lighting, refusing to leave their spots in line. Before soundcheck, LANY front man, Paul Klein  stopped to say hello to those devotees, making the wait a little more bearable. Around this time Klein then tweeed a confidence-boosting phrase that would go down as the motto for the night: “lany slaps.”

Norwegian pop artist, Dagny, kicked off the night on the right foot. Her bubbly performance and catchy songs left the crowd with a new artist on their radar. Starting off with “Dumb Stuff,” LANY had the crowd singing along throughout the entire show, even during the technical difficulties that were unfortunately quite present that night. Despite these difficulties, the Revolution Live crowd kept singing, hoping to maintain the energy that was so palpable throughout the venue. It was clear after this show that LANY strives to put on a performance that makes those in the crowd forget where or who they are and just dance, sing, and, most importantly, feel what they are singing about. The fans in the pit looked lost in the music as they threw roses on the stage and moved without a care in the world. Klein leads the crowd in this mentality as he dances and connects with fans throughout the night by pointing out especially enthusiastic fans. At one point Klein even kneeled down to a fan,, put his chin in his hand, and sang right with them. Nothing compared to Klein’s connection with the fans as he performed  “Made in Hollywood” and climbed off the stage and into the pit, needing his fans to support him more literally than they usually do, as he lay across the crowd. Closing out the show with their staple song, “ILYSB,” the band put an end to a great night. The LANY crowd was one of the most energetic crowds I have been a part of and it was a testament to the honest, heartfelt passion the band puts into their music and shows.

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Written by: Patricia Alvarez

Photographed by: Patricia Alvarez

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