Review: Walk the Moon’s Returning Single “One Foot”


On Friday, indie pop darlings turned radio sensations, Walk the Moon, released the first single off their forthcoming third studio album.  “One Foot” debuted just over two and a half years after Walk the Moon’s last album, Talking is Hard. Much like Talking is Hard, and its smash hit “Shut Up and Dance”, the band doesn’t hold back on “One Foot”. Its anthemic beat and feel-good optimism shine above all. Those hallmarks that seem to prevail in every Walk the Moon album bode well for the success of the single among the band’s broad fan base. Following a brief collaboration with Steve Aoki on “Back 2 U” in 2016, the band has truly upped the ante on production, as heard in “One Foot”. The EDM-esque synth loop playing behind frontman Nick Petricca’s vocals shows a welcomed branching off from the band’s typical style, and as a whole the song is clean, polished, and ready for whatever future it’s bound to have.

Not only does the song itself show a brand new development for Walk the Moon, but the accompanying music video is just as promising. Visually stunning, the video is set in a desert, featuring sleek, clean shots of the band performing among geometric constructions. The video hints that over the band’s short “hiatus”, Walk the Moon have matured sonically, but sharp-eyed viewers will notice that some things never change. The band has continued their tradition of performing with face paint, and the song and video both suggest that Walk the Moon are still very much a humble band that don’t take their music too seriously.

“One Foot” is not a new release to pass up. It’s a breath of fresh air from familiar territory for Walk the Moon, and sets the stage for a big, no-holds-barred album that may just end up dominating the scene. To all those looking for a bit of hope in a hectic world, or those just looking for a song to soundtrack their best memories, new music from Walk the Moon is sure to suffice those needs.

By: Molly McCaul

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