Remo Drive at Sonia

Minnesota-based indie rock band Remo Drive finished off the first leg of their US tour on August 9th in Cambridge, MA. The band made no mistakes delivering an edgy, live performance of songs off their debut album Greatest Hits, followed by a special cover of  The Killers’s “When You Were Young”. Following in the actions of fans throughout the night, Remo Drive drummer Sam Mathys took a leap into the crowd. Although guitarist/vocalist Erik Paulson could not dive that far while attached to his guitar, he still followed suit by reclining on the audience while plucking out the chorus of “I’m My Own Doctor”. To make the night even more special the band followed their final song of the night with a special encore strumming out the fan favorite “Heartstrings,” as tribute to the many fans who requested they play it throughout the tour. With a performance like this, it’s no surprise that Remo Drive are a top band in the reemerging punk scene. Keep an eye out for their next tour over at their  website and give them a quick listen on Bandcamp or Spotify.

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Written by: Samantha Schraub

Photographed by: Samantha Schraub

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