Declan McKenna Shakes Up The Sinclair

If you haven’t yet heard of Declan McKenna then you may want to pay attention now. The young singer, from the United Kingdom has been quickly making his way in the music industry. This past Tuesday he closed his first headlining United States tour at The Sinclair in Cambridge, MA. The small venue was caught up in the erratic energy of Declan McKenna, as he and his band strummed out the beats of his new album as well as some of his earlier works such as “Brazil” or as Declan jokingly called it that night “Columbia.” Declan’s stage presence is like no other when it comes to performers. From jumping off the balcony, to stage-diving multiple times Declan McKenna kept both fans and security on their toes throughout the night. We were lucky enough to photograph this chaotic and wonderful night. Be sure to watch out for Declan McKenna’s next tour, because it’s sure to be as much of a stunner as this one was. DSC_0488


Written by and Photographed by: Samantha Schraub

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