Artist on the Rise: Bad Bad Hats, The Band That Will Complete Your Summer Mixtape

From mid-afternoon city escapades to beach day trips, summer just begs for fresh tracks to play behind the memories it brings. This is where Minneapolis-based band Bad Bad Hats come in. The three-piece ensemble, signed to Afternoon Records, put out an EP entitled It Hurts in 2013 before dropping their first full-length album, Psychic Reader, in summer 2015. For fans of the sounds of bands like Joseph, Warpaint, and Hippo Campus, Bad Bad Hats fit right into the airy, lighthearted pop of the modern “indie” scene. Psychic Reader opens with one of the band’s most buzzed-about songs, “Midway”. It’s a promising opening track jam-packed with just-right guitar riffs, mellow synth, and a steady beat behind lead singer Kerry Alexander proclaiming, “Midway between the end and the start, I cried like a baby, I tore you apart”. It’s a song that sounds as though it were made with the moody in-betweens of adolescence in mind, yet has a collected, “couldn’t-care-less” tone that sends the listener to another, sunnier present.
The album has garnered significant attention since its 2015 release, with big-name sites such as Pitchfork and NPR giving glowing reviews. Both Psychic Reader and It Hurts are full of nothing but high-quality, radio-ready songs that could be played anywhere from a low-key house party to a nature hike. Every track is an adventure into Americana, with a new edge that gives Bad Bad Hats the opportunity to truly become a one of a kind part of the alternative and independent music arenas.
Though the band just finished up a fairly extensive summer headline tour that featured support from bands such as Photocomfort and Carroll, don’t expect Bad Bad Hats to slow down anytime soon. They’ve hinted at the fact they’re currently working on a second studio album, which in and of itself is an exciting premise. Of course, with new music comes promotion, so if you weren’t lucky enough to catch them this July, stay tuned – you may just see them back around before you know it!
For more information on Bad Bad Hats and to stay up-to-date, check them out on twitter and instagram @badbadhats, and visit their site:

Written by: Molly M.

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