Interview with DBMK


Interview by Emma Hintz

The first time I saw DBMK was in 2015 at Next Big Thing, (A music festival put on by 97X every year.) The lineup included acts such as Walk The Moon, Twenty One Pilots, The Neighbourhood and Of Monsters And Men. However to me, DBMK was one of the most memorable bands that day. Since then, I have seen them 15 times and they are getting better with every show.

What The Kids Want: What is one thing you would want listeners to take away from your music?

Kyle: well, I guess when you set out to write music it’s because you’re feeling a whole bunch of things. It all boils down to it’s okay. It’s okay to feel, it’s okay to be this, it’s okay to be that, it’s okay to be angry, it’s okay to ask questions. It’s okay.

Colton: I really think Kyle hit it for all of us.

Josh: Music can be a relaxing and positive feeling.

WTKW: Least favorite thing about touring?

Josh: Colton.

Kyle: No but seriously, loading out sucks.

Josh: My least favorite thing about touring is disorganization. Loading out I don’t mind, I actually have a little bit of fun with it.

Kyle: But, the disorganization can come from loading out though, because you’re tired and you’re just trying to get out of there

Colton: I can hit it deep because, I am a really big introvert so being alone is something that I like to do very often and on tour you’re never alone EVER. I think when you are in the shower, that’s when you are most alone. Kyle yells at me for. taking long showers but I like to get away from everybody.

Kyle: You’re just wasteful.

Colton: I love everyone that we are touring with obviously, but being together takes a toll on you after a while. There’s a lot more better things than bad things but, that would be the worst for me.

WTKW: Who would you say are your biggest influences?

Kyle: I have always been a fan of songs that has weird form to it, one of my favorite musicians is Ryan Lott (of Son Lux), his music is very different in that not one part of the song sounds like the other, it’s just different all the way through. A lot of the songs on this last album were like, there’s one half and then all of a sudden it’s like a whole different song. It wasn’t really a conscious thing, it’s just kind of the way it happened, so as a composer I’m just really influenced by people who are just trying to break the mold, that for me just translates into a subconscious implication that I want to break the mold a little bit. So I would say my biggest influences are Son Lux, Jack Antonoff and a lot of producers like Lido. If you are making alternative pop music, there’s no way you aren’t influenced by The 1975, Twenty One Pilots, Walk The Moon, The Neighbourhood, all of those guys.

Colton: A few drummers for me that I take a lot away from are, Miles Morris (of Bad Suns), George Daniel (from the 1975), and Josh Dun (from Twenty One Pilots). Really, the big names in alternative music right now because you can take something away from all of them and there’s a reason why they are so huge.

Josh: I have a different taste in music personally, I mostly listen to, as far as guitarists go Tommy Emmanuel, Joe Bonamassa and Gary Moore.

WTKW: Was music a big part of your life growing up?

Kyle: A lot of the players that I know were raised on music, either their parents were musicians or immediately at birth they were like “this is music” but no one really pushed me in any sort of direction so I kind of had to find music personally.

Colton: that’s kind of how I was too, you hear the greats that had a father who was a touring musician, and I wasn’t really introduced to it or anything. I just kind of found it myself and made it my thing, I wasn’t around it at all, I put myself into it.

Kyle: For me it just feels like sometimes I just woke up one day and was like “I’m gonna do music now, I’m gonna try this out”.

Josh: My dad was a huge influence because as soon as we were born, Jacob and I, we were like put onto music. I kind of just grew up with it, there’s not really a time where I don’t remember music as a part of my life.

WTKW: What is your favorite venue you’ve ever played?

Kyle: That list has grown much larger this summer.

Josh: My favorite venue would be the Red Room in Boston, because there were a lot of posters of people who had played there like the Lumineers, The Civil Wars and Ben Howard.

Kyle: That was the first show that sold out on the tour, and it’s weird because I eat there a lot because I go to school up there and I’ve seen lots of shows there. It was really cool to walk in and see all of the posters.

Colton: We got there early so we could walk around and stuff, but seeing Josh’s face light up when he saw the posters with like Hozier and Paramore, it was just really cool.  For me though, I really liked the Knitting Factory. It had a really cool set up, they had a restaurant in a different part of it and it was in the middle of the city of Brooklyn.

Kyle: Knitting Factory was my favorite too.

WTKW: What is the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened while playing a show?

Kyle: I don’t know if there was one event that was super embarrassing but Josh and I fall all the time. Look at my knees (At this point in time Kyle showed his knees that were covered in bruises), this is all from climbing on stage and climbing on things I wasn’t supposed to.

Josh: I would say my two top moments were when we were in Bradenton, I was running back on stage and I literally flat lined on stage. The other one would have only been embarrassing to me, but it was the first show I ever played and I tried my hardest to smash my guitar and it just wouldn’t smash.

Colton: He tried three times and there was no damage done to it, but Kyle dropped his guitar on tour and it cracked. I don’t really have too many, but I did hit myself in the head in Tallahassee and it hurt really bad but, no one really noticed.

Kyle: You hit me when I used to go behind the drums to play Paradise, but that was just a bad idea.

WTKW: Favorite song to perform live?

Kyle: Boxing Gloves, but we go through phases.

Josh: Right now I would say it’s a tie between Ampersand and Boxing Gloves.

Colton: I would for sure say Ampersand, Josh and I have a few moments in that song and I really like it. It’s our thing and you two get to look at each other the whole time.

Josh: That’s our couple moment, I fall in love with Colton every single night.

Kyle: I don’t get to play guitar a ton, so when I get to play Guitar On Sex, Analog Boy and on some of the other covers we’ve done in the past it’s really awesome. When we rehearse, I’ll use the guitar even though I know I’m not going to play it live. So the intro of Boxing Gloves and Analog Boy are for sure my favorites.

WTKW: Would you say social media has helped expand your following?

Kyle: Absolutely, from day one, we were a social media band and I don’t even know how I did it, I didn’t even really know I was supposed to do it but from very early on we started to develop a brand, even through social media and that has definitely lead us in the right direction. We found out that there was a community of people that were really into what we were trying to do and through social media we were able to connect with them in a little bit of a larger magnitude than a lot of local bands know how to do. That probably sounds really arrogant but, you look at some bands and they don’t post about a show until the day before and then they complain when no one shows up.

Colton: If you want something you have to go after it. You really just have to put yourself in a position where you can succeed.

Kyle: Someone told me a long time ago that the name in the game of the music industry is accessibility. When you make yourself accessible, that’s it. If people can connect with you and interact with you on a more social level, I mean I’m friends with people that I met years ago in the music industry that I wouldn’t have known otherwise. When people tell us that they have made best, lifelong friends through this music, it’s the same for us, it really goes both ways. In short we are a social media band and we probably always will be.




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